Saturday, January 17, 2015

And the selected projects for the February 8th DISHES are...

We've selected five projects to present at our February 8th event! Here's a peek at what you've got to look forward to:

  • Second Line Syracuse! is a New Orleans style brass band with a Central NY flare. This project aims to improve Syracuse by energizing the streets with live music and bringing neighbors together with spontaneous celebration.
  • Her Village Day, a gathering of women from many nations sharing crafting, art, ethnic cooking lessons, and more to experience the beautiful diversity of our community.
  • Yoga for everyone! pitches the concept of free yoga for community members that would not otherwise be able to afford classes or have the means to travel to a class outside their neighborhood.
  • The Songambele Cultural & Edalt Education Foundation seeks to assist refugees with reading and writing skills while allowing them to share their culture with the Syracuse community.
  • The Cooperative Federal Student Cash Stash Pilot presents a new financial capability program at three Syracuse high schools, where students will use a smart phone app to connect with mentors and create and reach savings goals.

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