Request for Proposals

Plans are underway for our next event taking place in February 2015. We'll be posting more information SOON. Stay tuned! 

Timeline: Information for the 2015 event posting soon!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How are proposals selected?
For each dinner event, the DISHES team selects four to seven proposals to present.  The DISHES team looks for projects that include: a public component; are well-developed/past the "idea-stage"; will take place in Syracuse, NY; and are scheduled to happen/launch within one year of winning the grant.  If you have any questions about your project that you would like to run by us before submitting an application, please email us at

How much time do I have to prepare my presentation?
After we announce the selected projects to present at the next dinner event, each person/team will have two months to complete their presentation. Each person/team is required to provide a written draft and present a dress rehearsal one month prior to the live event; please review the timeline above for more details and deadline information. 

What are the presentation conditions?
DISHES will provide you with: a stage, use of a projector, two microphones, PA sound system, assistance from our AV technical team member, a live audience with full bellies and hungry minds, and five minutes to share your idea on stage!  Each person or group is encouraged to use the stage creatively, play music or other sound bites, use props, project images/facts/videos, etc…all choreographed within five minutes.  Since there may be some limitations with what you can actually do, we require presenters to share presentation details ahead of time so we can assist you with your execution.

When I am presenting on stage, how will I know when my five minutes are up?
There will be a five-minute countdown on stage that only you will see, and we will also flicker the stage lights when there is one minute remaining.  At the five minute mark, the lights, sound system, and projection will turn off, and music will start to play.

How is a winner determined?
After all the projects have been presented, every attendee has one ballot and is asked to vote on their favorite project.  After the votes are collected and tallied, the winner will be announced live. .

How are the winning funds distributed?
The audience-selected project is granted $1,000 to realize his or her project!  The funds are distributed through Northside UP, our sponsor organization; cash is not distributed.  More details will be provided at a scheduled meeting, post-event.

If I win, how do I credit DISHES for helping make my idea happen?
We would like you to include the Salt City DISHES logo and short statement on promotional material.  We will also provide a few sentences about our organization and a quote about your win, for your press release.  DISHES will provide this information post-win.

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