Request for Proposals

Our next DISHES dinner will take place in Winter 2016. We will launch our next 'Request for Proposals' in Fall 2015. Stay tuned for more information!

Timeline:   11/1 - 11/22 'Request for Proposals' submission window
                   11/24  Co-Directors email all submission contacts about accepted proposals
                   1/20  Written draft of presentation due
                   1/21 - 1/22 (approx.) Presentation dress rehearsal

Frequently Asked Questions:

How are proposals selected?
For each dinner event, the DISHES team selects four to seven proposals to present.  The DISHES team looks for projects that include: a public component; are well-developed/past the "idea-stage"; will take place in Syracuse, NY; and are scheduled to happen/launch within one year of winning the grant.  If you have any questions about your project that you would like to run by us before submitting an application, please email us at

What makes a good project? Can you give me some examples?
A good project is one that uses creativity to engage the community. What’s key is the public component – the grants aren’t meant to pay an individual's rent. If your project will make people pause, think, and feel, chances are it’s a great idea. Just keep in mind that we're not able to fund guerrilla projects.  Take a look through our past presentations to see examples.

This is a unique micro-granting process that requires project leaders to present in front of a live audience, so don't forget to think over the presentation aspect of your idea!

I’ve never done anything like this. Can I submit something anyway?
Yes, please! The purpose of this series is to inspire, and support, great ideas from all parts of the Syracuse community. If we select your idea to present we will connect you to our Presentation Coach who can help you feel more comfortable in front of an audience. We release a Request for Proposals each fall, stay tuned to our blog and facebook for more information.

I live in Utica/Ithaca/Rochester/Tully. Am I eligible?
Yes. But your project would need to take place in the city of Syracuse.

Have More Questions? Please visit our FAQ page!

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