Where does your event take place?
Our current location is at the Bishop Harrison Center at All Saints Parish located at 1342 Lancaster Avenue in Syracuse, NY.

General Background on DISHES:

Why did this get started?
We know that there are people in this city who want to make Syracuse a more dynamic place to live. We also know that not all of these people may know one another, or have the means to put their ideas into action. We'd seen what this effort could do to build community in other areas and got inspired to launch something similar in our own city. DISHES debuted in Syracuse, NY on January 23, 2011! It's been going on ever since.

Is this happening anywhere else?
Yes! Among other cities, Brooklyn, NY; Baltimore, MD; Huntington, WV; Buffalo, NY; Minneapolis, MN; and Portland, OR all have variations on FEAST. More recently an event has taken form even closer to home, called Youtica EATS, in Utica, NY. It’s even spread to Ukraine, where it’s known as Sunday Borscht. You can check out a full list of other cities’ FEASTs here.

Is this a fringe thing? What does the mainstream media think about this?
Take a look for yourself.

This sounds really cool, but I still have questions. Who can I get in touch with to find out more?
Email saltcitydishes@gmail.com and we'll get back to you.

For Applicants:

What makes a good project? Can you give me some examples?
DISHES looks for projects that include a public component; feature refreshing new ideas; will take place in Syracuse, NY; and are scheduled to happen/launch within one year of winning the grant. This is a unique micro-granting process that requires project leaders to present in front of a live audience, so don't forget to think over the presentation aspect of your idea! Please note that any events using DISHES funds must be free and open to the public and that selected projects have a total budget of at or near $2,000.

A good project is one that uses creativity to engage the community. What’s key is the public component – the grants aren’t meant to pay an individual's rent. If your project will make people pause, think, and feel, chances are it’s a great idea. Just keep in mind that we're not able to fund guerrilla projects.

I’ve never done anything like this. Can I submit something anyway?
Yes, please! The purpose of this series is to inspire, and support, great ideas from all parts of the Syracuse community. If we select your idea to present we will connect you to our Presentation Coach who can help you feel more comfortable in front of an audience. We release a Request for Proposals each fall, stay tuned to our blog and facebook for more information.

I live in Utica/Ithaca/Rochester/Tully. Am I eligible?
Yes. But your project would need to take place in the city of Syracuse.

For Presenters:

How much time do I have to prepare my presentation?
After we announce the selected projects to present at the next dinner event, each person/team will have approximately two months to complete their presentation. Each person/team is required to provide a written draft and pre-present at a dress rehearsal one month prior to the live event; please review the timeline above for more details and deadline information.

Where and how will the final final proposal/written draft be used?
There is a table that we refer to as the "Enliven Syracuse" table where we post all the written presentations, edited by us for continuity, along with an email sign-up sheet for each project. This gives dinner guests an opportunity to review the project ideas being presented, in case they need clarity before voting. A week or so after the event we will email each team the list of people who signed up to support their project.

What are the presentation conditions?
DISHES will provide you with: a stage, use of a projector, two microphones, PA sound system, assistance from our AV technical team member, a live audience with full bellies and hungry minds, and five minutes to share your idea on stage! Each person or group is encouraged to use the stage creatively, play music or other sound bites, use props, project images/facts/videos, etc…all choreographed within five minutes. Since there may be some limitations with what you can actually do, we require presenters to share presentation details ahead of time so we can assist you with your execution.

How will I know when it is my turn to present?
Between presentations one of the co-directors will go on stage and announce the next project title, then that team can go on stage and present. We will also provide the order of presentations ahead of time via email, and it will be included on the program.

When I am presenting on stage, how will I know when my five minutes are up?
We will flicker the stage lights when there is one minute remaining. At the five minute mark, the lights, sound system, and projection will turn off, and music will start to play. You must practice your pitch ahead of time to be sure your presentation fits within the 5 minute timeframe.

How many people can each team have presenting? Can we include more people as “participants” if they are providing support for the presentation?
On-stage participation is limited to three people. Each presenter will receive a complimentary ticket to the event, though keep in mind that all of those presenting will be able to cast just one vote total after presentations.

Will the audience be able to ask questions?
The voting period provides attendees an opportunity to ask presenters questions informally.

How is a winner determined?
One ballot is presented to each guest upon entry. After all the projects have been presented, the audience is asked to vote for their favorite project. Project presenters (up to three individuals) are only allowed to cast one cumulative vote for their team or any other project of their choosing. Votes are collected and tallied on site and the winner announced live at the end of the dinner.

For Winners:

How are the winning funds distributed?
The audience-selected project is granted $2,000 to realize his or her project! The funds are distributed through CenterState CEO, our sponsor organization, through invoices and reimbursements; cash is not distributed. More details will be provided at a scheduled meeting, post-event.

If I win, how do I credit DISHES for helping make my idea happen?
We would like you to include the Salt City DISHES logo on all promotional materials for the project. We will also provide a few sentences about our organization and a quote about your win, for your press release.

How long do I have to spend the $2,000?
Funds must be spent within one and a half years of winning the grant.