Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Share the magic!

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

What an evening!

Whew. This evening was incredible! Thank you again to our sponsors, Commonspace; Syracuse Real Food Cooperative; More Sound Recording Studio; Escape The Estate; and Painting with a Twist - Syracuse, NY - DeWitt. Thanks to all of you (who donated, volunteered, supported and attended) we were able to fund $2,000 to the audience selected 'Kids Take Over: Science Showcase!' and $500 to 'Syracuse Refugee Unity Day'. All of the presentations were inspiring, though, and we left the space with sign-up lists brimming with emails. Thank you, Syracuse community! You bring us joy and you give us hope. More soon, but now - sleep!

Sold out!

We're officially sold out!

See you in a couple hours!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sponsor spotlight: Critz Farms

Thank you to sponsor Critz Farms, for all you do for the community and for DISHES!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Presentation Previews!

This year, DISHES proudly presents five unique project proposals. The event is this weekend, so give these summaries a glance, and get ready to vote for your favorite on Sunday!

There's still time to buy tickets! Click here for more info.

Kids Take Over: Science Showcase!
This project aims to highlight the scientific talents of local resettled refugee youth by connecting them with passionate high school mentors from SciExcite. The program would culminate in two public events at the Museum of Science & Technology - MOST.Check out SciExcite to learn more:

Where Dumbo Came to Life 
Fun fact! Disney’s Dumbo was first drawn in a home on Parkside Avenue in the Strathmore neighborhood, just down the block from Onondaga Park. This project would allow for a public art project to be constructed to commemorate the author’s contribution to children's literature. Brought to you by’s David Haas.
For more on Storycuse, visit

The New American Cultural Festival
The festival — a daylong celebration of diversity open to all people — aims to demonstrate solidarity for refugee and immigrant communities throughout Syracuse. The project invites residents to join together in promoting awareness of ethnic communities, showcasing their backgrounds and heritages, and welcoming the newest neighbors, who’ve taken refuge from recent conflicts, under the banner of New Americanism.

Picture81 gives artists an outlet to understand and portray both the physical existence and social aspects of Interstate 81. The project hopes to bring their artwork to local gallery spaces.
If you’re interested in contributing to the ongoing online community check out

Sanctuary City
“Sanctuary City” is a short documentary focusing on two refugee families in the Syracuse community. The production team plans to include interview subjects in their process. In this way, the project serves as both expression and an introduction to filmmaking. 

Sponsor Spotlight: Good Nature Brewing

Thank you Good Nature Brewing for sponsoring this year's Salt City Dishes #8!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Meet the team!

What a perfect day to launch LoveWell Weddings, a marriage of Tyler Brown Studio photography and Lovewell Design! A huge thanks to this wonderful couple for their participation in this year's DISHES event as photographer and designer!