Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Your Lucky Tummy!

Rounding out our dessert menu is the My Lucky Tummy effort, providing DISHES with two delicious and worldly sweets: 
  • Kunefe by Muna, from Iraq: toasted, rose water-steeped vermicelli over homemade cheese with crumbled pistachio on top and
  • Shole Zard by Somayyeh, from Iran: saffron rice pudding with almond, pistachio & cinnamon garnish. 
At DISHES, you'll get to hear more about the My Lucky Tummy effort, but If you find your mouth watering over those descriptions, you should purchase a ticket to their event this Saturday! $20 buys you a taste of Afghanistan, Bhutan, Mohawk Nation, South Sudan and Iran. Vegetarian options aplenty.

Check out this month's Today's CNY Woman Magazine and Syracuse.com for more details. 

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