Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This summer, DISHES goes on the road. Join us!

Hey Syracuse!

This summer we're experimenting with a new way of sourcing support for innovative and creative public projects. All summer we'll be setting up at different events around town, selling 50-cent ballots to support a variety of community projects.

Will your project be one of them? We hope so! Submit the application on this site by May 15th  for an innovative public project (you can find it on the right-hand toolbar). We'll let you know by May 21st if your project has been selected for the summer-long competition.

We can't wait to hear your ideas! If you have questions, drop us a note: salticitydishes@gmail.com.


  1. Question:

    how are said projects displayed/presented/viewed at the events?

  2. Hey Jason!
    We will let accepted projects know by the 24th, and will be posting a full answer to your question shortly.