Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Projects that have made it to the finish line

Want to see some examples of what sort of projects DISHES hopes to fund?

Take a look at Melanie Jelacic's proposal for the Metropolitan Pool shower room, which she pitched at FEAST in Brooklyn last February. Jelacic recognized that the showers at a public pool in Brooklyn were really moldy and - frankly - ugly. She also knew that if the city were to tile the showers, it would do so without much attention to aesthetic. So she designed a mosaic for the showers, sourced tile at-cost, and hired a bunch of neighborhood kids to install the tiles. (You can see her pitch by clicking here.)

Another grant-winning project, pitched by a graphic designer in Brooklyn, involved creating a designed "wallpaper" to put up on the many abandoned buildings and dumpsters that described his Brooklyn neighborhood.

Inspired? Share your great idea with us in the form of a proposal! Hit the tab 'Proposals' above for more information.

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